We are channel-neutral, results-driven, and unrelenting about great work, because good enough simply isn't.


Our Approach


Immerse & Assess             
We believe that the first step is to take one back. Many agencies jump right into defining the scope, market, needs, and other necessities that require signoff. Instead, we are able to create a much more cogent plan by immersing ourselves into the specific culture at hand and looking through the lens of the consumer before assessing the appropriate course of action.



Define & Strategize           
After thorough research, we are ready to develop an actionable strategy. We construct a roadmap that defines our tasks, methods, goals, and target audience. This roadmap provides us with an organized structure that aligns our teams, their roles, and their responsibilities.



Creative & Development                    

With production embedded into our DNA, we’re able to leverage creative and cost-efficient solutions that are both relevant and shareable across multiple platforms and devices. Bajibot’s flexible agency model allows us to think and execute on a strategically integrated level. Our network of creatives, designers and technologists are among the top talent in the industry.



Measure & Sustain                   
The clear advantage of digital over traditional marketing is the ability to track user behavior at any given moment. Analytics not only provide a clearer and more measured approach to tracking results and ROI, but also provides tremendous insight on how to boost customer retention. With limitless tools at our disposal, we are able to use data in unprecedented and innovative ways. 



Meet our multi-talented crew of Strategists, Designers and Developers


Vincent Mei

Founder & Creative Director


Eric Buckmeyer

Senior Producer


Oscar Caldera

Technology Lead


Hyunsuk Kim

3D Lead


Jason Weissman

VP Director of Digital


Alexx Duvall

Producer / Photographer


Eloy Vela

Designer / Illustrator


Emma Bragdon

Marketing Associate